Progetto PM10

datasheet - esempio utilizzo - wiring

  • The MQ131 is a semiconductor gas sensor composed by a heater circuit and a sensor circuit.
  • Heater consumes at least 150 mA. So, don't connect it directly on a pin of the Arduino.
  • Sensor MQ131 requires minimum 48h preheat time before giving consistent results (also called “burn-in” time)
  • There are two different MQ131; a black bakelite sensor for low concentration of ozone and a metal sensor for high concentration of ozone.
  • This driver is made to control the “naked” Winsen MQ131. The driver is able to pilot the low concentration version and the high concentration version.
  • To measure the air quality (e.g. pollution), it's better to use the low concentration MQ131 because the high concentration is not accurate enough for low concentration.


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