select box and export all streets


out body;
out skel qt;

selezionare direttamente l'area parcheggi di fes

(way["highway"](34.02389, -5.01483, 34.04701, -4.99196););
out body;
out skel qt;

export data in OSM

create db

spatialite_osm_net -o fes.osm -d fes.sqlite -T roads
echo 'SELECT CreateSpatialIndex('roads', 'geometry');' | spatialite  fes.sqlite
# MakePoint(longitude, latitude)
SELECT a.distance, FROM knn AS a JOIN roads AS b ON ( = a.fid) 
 WHERE f_table_name = 'roads' AND ref_geometry = MakePoint(-5.007247, 34.032262) and max_items=2;
sqlite3 /tmp/test.db
SELECT load_extension('mod_spatialite');

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