initialize ionic project

npm install -g ionic

# select N for cordova
ionic start myApp sidemenu
cd myApp

# capacitor conflicts with Cordova's Splashscreen Plugin
npm uninstall --save cordova-plugin-splashscreen

add capacitor

npm install --save @capacitor/core @capacitor/cli

npx cap init

# or ...
npx cap init gianomobile org.csgalileo.gianomobile

build www folder

npm run build

add platform

npx cap add android
npx cap sync

# desktop
# npx cap add electron

android studio:

  • remove android/.grade and android/.idea folders
  • adjust android/
  • import project as external gradle model from <project/android> folder

add plugin

npm install really-cool-plugin
npx cap update
  • ionic serve
  • edit sources


  • npm run build
  • npx cap sync # to sync platforms
  • apk with android studio
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