apt install winetricks:i386

Run winetricks and install app: adobe digital edition

With winetricks opend a commandline shell in “adobe digital edition” wineprefix

Download python 32 bit installer and install with GUI “wine uninstaller”

Install win openssl from

wine ~/Scaricati/Win32OpenSSL_Light-1_0_2h.exe

Install pycrypto from

wine ~/Scaricati/pycrypto-2.6.win32-py2.7.exe

Download, unzip and from wineprefix dir run key tool

cd ~.local/share/wineprefixes/adobe_diged/drive_c/Python27
wine python ~/Scaricati/DeDRM_tools-master/Other_Tools/DRM_Key_Scripts/Adobe_Digital_Editions/adobekey.pyw

Now key is in ~/Scaricati/DeDRM_tools-master/Other_Tools/DRM_Key_Scripts/Adobe_Digital_Editions/

Import key with calibre plugin DeDRM → Adobe Digital Editions ebooks → Import Existing Keyfiles

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