Blender 2.9


  • SHIFT z: switch wireframe and object mode
  • f: fill faces or edges between edges or vertex
  • a: select all
  • ALT+a: select nothing
  • c: circle select
  • b: box select
  • SHIFT+b: zoom to box
  • SHIFT+s: cursor move or selection move
  • w: cycle between selecion modes

numpad emulation

  • edit → preferences → input → emulate numpa
  • enable 1,2,3 switch faces,edges,vertex: edit → preferences → keymap → search mode
    • select mode toggle: ALT+1
    • select mode toggle: ALT+2
    • select mode toggle: ALT+3

Sometimes boolean difference fails. Before try on each object:

  • edit mode
  • select all vertices A
  • vertex (top menu) → Merge Vertices → by distance (this operation remove duplicate vertices)
  • select (multiple) object and SHIFT+H to hide others
  • recall others with ALT+H

TAB key

  • activate Vertex select with 1, Edge select with 2 and Face select with 3

Create new object from selected vertex:

  • duplicate with SHIFT+d
  • ESC to exit from grab mode
  • parent selected with “p”
  • exit from edit mode with TAB and you will have two objects

CTRL+l: select touching vertex, edges, faces

Recalculate normals (to solve bevel problems): select all with “a” and hit “shift+n”

knife mode K:

  • c for angle constrain
  • z for cut all deeper edges

put vertex same X, Y or Z:

  • position the 3d cursor at the Y location
  • set the pivot point to the 3d cursor (. period key)
  • then scale by zero on the Y axis (S Y 0)

Vevor 3018pro amazon

cd /lab/blender
git clone

setup blender scripts alternate file path

save preferences restart blender and enable blendercam add-on

select CAM render engine in scene tab

CAM machine → add preset '3018pro' with 'iso' post processing

CAM operations → add one operation and select target object

CAM material size and position → put object into job area with position button

CAM cutter

CAM operation setup → strategy parallel and skin

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